Return Policy

If anyone wants to cancel or refund any product ordered from this platform then it is a matter of relevant user, subject to the following clauses:

  • If both buyer and seller agree to cancel or return an order and if we are satisfied with the buyer's claims of a refund then we will surely return the amount to the buyer only if the fees have not been paid to our supplier. 
  • For any type of problems between users, we encourage the user to solve the problem with their claim for returns or refunds with the other user through the platform or external communication methods.
  • If the problem could not be solved by these methods then the user can solve the problem by any method (agreed between users), otherwise we will solve it according to applicable laws.

Terms of Return Policy

  • If you (buyer) want to cancel any order then it should be done by 4 pm (local time) of the ordered day. 
  • If you (buyer) want to return any product then you should do it at the time of delivery. The returned products should be sent back to the driver and the customer should notify us on
  • Delivered and accepted order's return will not be accepted.